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Writers Program for FAST JAPAN


Fast Japan is a convenient and modern service connecting travelers from the around the world by providing an interactive chat service where users can communicate with our friendly Fast Japan staff for information and exciting events around Japan.

We are seeking freelance writers who are living in Japan and are interested in sharing their unique experiences in Japan with the world! Our writers are responsible for creating exciting and informative material that will inspire travelers to explore the beautiful culture and scenery of Japan. Writers will cover a wide array topics relating to culture, travel and events in Japan.

About the process:
Typically our writers are either given an article brief by an Editor or they will submit one of their own ideas for approval. Because freelance writers with Fast Japan are generally responsible for going out and taking their own photos of the location or topic of their assignment; we expect you to have smartphone or digital camera. However after your article is approved, there is a chance that the photos or text will need to be edited.

Freelance writers for Fast Japan will earn 2,000 Yen per published article. However, if your article is not approved or discarded, you will not be payed for it. We pay our writers on a monthly system; so you can expect to receive the payment for all of your published articles on the same day of each month.

Lastly, before we can ask you to become a freelance writer with us we will have you to submit a trial article to get an idea of your writing level, style and allow us to go over some more specific guidelines with you.


Example style:
Fast Japan expects a certain quality of photography and writing when you work on an article with us. Below is a good example of how one of your finished articles should look.

Angel’s Teardrop – Beautiful and Freshly Made Warabimochi in Omotesando

The quality of the photography was one of the most important aspects of this article. When we went out to take the photos for the article we made sure to cover a wide array of possible topics and angles that the writing could fit. Although typically you’d only use a few photos for your articles, because of the topic, we ended up using quite a few.

The writing in the article is an example of what we’d expect at Fast Japan, informative and fun, something in between a journalistic and blog like approach. We want readers to feel like we are communicating to them directly when they read the article. Sometimes these goals are difficult to achieve but it is something you should always work towards when writing an article for Fast Japan.

We try to keep these thoughts in mind when creating a new piece; some articles are for people who are interested in coming to Japan already, some are for readers who are on the fence about traveling here and a few are written for people who may not be interested in Japan but are open to the possibility.

Lastly, the information panel at the bottom of most articles is extremely important and created for travelers who wish to go to the specific locations listed in an article.


If you are as excited as we are about sharing unique experiences in Japan with the rest of the world please check out the details below and send us an email!


Want to Apply?

To inquire about a freelance writing position, please email us at info@fastjapan.com with your resume.
Please also include a note about your Japanese language level.

Position Information:

  • Must be native English speaker who is currently living in Japan.
  • You must be able to write at least 5 articles per month.
  • You must provide at least 4 high quality photographs per article.
  • At least 700 – 800 words per article.
  • Currently attending a university or has graduated.
  • Articles will be reviewed and edited as needed.
  • Preferably located outside of Tokyo.
  • Some HTML knowledge preferred.
  • We pay 2,000 Yen per published article.
  • You will not be payed for unpublished articles
  • Pay is on a monthly basis