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Roppongi Hills Sakurazaka

Experience Fantastic Cherry Blossoms at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo

Roppongi is known for expensive restaurants and art museums. In the spring Roppongi Hills is surrounded by cherry blossom trees. Cherry blossoms in Mouri Teien are breathtaking.

Roppongi Hills Sakurazaka

Even though Roppongi is the center of Tokyo with an urban atmosphere, there are nice spots to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the spring. Roppongi is a sophisticated area with the latest fashion trends and many people from around the world want to stay in this convenient location.

Roppongi Hills Sakurazaka

In such a luxurious place, there is a traditional Japanese-style garden, Mouri Teien (Mouri Garden) the mansion of Tsunamoto Mori used to be on this land, he was a daimyo (feudal lord) in the Edo period. The 4,300 square meter garden has a pond, a waterfall, a mountain stream, a river, and trees. With the cherry blossoms and ginkgo trees, you can see the garden change every season.

Roppongi Hills Sakurazaka

Eight old cherry blossom trees in the Mouri Teien are the symbol of the garden and the entire garden make you feel relaxed when you get tired of the hustle of the urban atmosphere. Plus, 75 cherry blossom trees are planted along the Roppongi Sakurazaka (Roppongi Cherry Blossom Slope) which is about 400 meters long. It is really nice to take a walk in the area after having dinner.

Roppongi Hills Sakurazaka

Both Mouri Teien and Roppongi Hills Sakurazaka will be illuminated during the cherry blossom season. Cherry blossom trees at Mouri Teien are usually illuminated from 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM and Roppongi Hills Sakurazaka is illuminated from 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM. There are no festivals in this area, but there are many fancy restaurants serving Japanese food and international food. Have a delicious meal in this stylish area of Tokyo while admiring the cherry blossoms.

Roppongi Hills Sakurazaka

In the area, there is cherry blossoms trees all around such as Mouri Teien, Tokyo Midtown, and Roppongi Hills. Tokyo Midtown has various sophisticated cafes and restaurants. Many couples come to Tokyo Midtown during the spring to see the cherry blossoms and to have a snack at one of the stylish cafes. In winter, the trees along the pave are illuminated brightly with LED lights making the park shine beautifully at night. The best time to see the cherry blossom is from the end of March to the middle of April.
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Roppongi Hills

Address: 6-10 Roppongi, Minato Ward, Tokyo

Access: 8 minute walk from Roppongi Station

Phone: 03-6406-6000 (Roppongi Hills Information Desk)

Website: Roppongi Hills


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