Stroll Down Nihombashi/Yaesu Sakura-dori to See Beautiful Cherry Blossoms | FAST JAPAN
Stroll Down Nihombashi/Yaesu Sakura-dori to See Beautiful Cherry Blossoms

Stroll Down Nihombashi/Yaesu Sakura-dori to See Beautiful Cherry Blossoms

Nihombashi/Yaesu Sakura-dori is one of the largest cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo. Many parts of the area is illuminated, the lights and cherry blossoms looking amazing together.

nihonbashi cherry blossom

Nihombashi Sakura-dori is one of the largest cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo. Nihombashi Sakura-dori is part of the street connected to Sotobori-dori that loops around the imperial palace to Shin Ohashi-dori. You can view the illuminated cherry blossoms at night. This special cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo has around 169 cherry blossom trees growing alongside the street from the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station to Nihombashi and Kayaba-cho. Illuminations here are beautifully lit and the streets at night are crowded with people enjoying the cherry blossoms, from the start of the cherry blossom season until the beginning of April.

nihonbashi cherry blossom

Moreover, Nippachi-kai Sakura Festival is annually held at Nihombashi Sakura-dori and it is located just in front of Yaesu North Exit of Tokyo Station for three days. It runs from April 1st until the 3rd. Nippachi-kai is the abbreviated name of the group Nihombashi Rokunobu Rengo Seinembu, that actively work on the leading neighborhood associations of Yaesu and Nihombashi. The groups aim is revitalization and redevelopment of the region. The Nippachi-kai Sakura Festival is one of the biggest events that Nippachi-kai organizes. Because a portion of the street is made available for pedestrians, during the festival you are able to lay out a sheet on the area you want to view cherry blossoms. In addition, many people come for the food stands that provide light snacks and alcohol as well as stage performance of various music genres including jazz, oldies, Japanese drum, and much more. During the event there is also a martial arts display at both sites of Nihombashi and Yaesu. You can listen and watch the performances while sitting in a chair set in front of the stage without charge. There are also snow works to see such as Kamakura and slides that are made of snow brought from Niigata prefecture.

nihonbashi cherry blossom

Nihombashi Sakura-dori is located near Takashimaya Department Store which has a long history in Japan. The building was constructed in 1933 and its interior and elevators are nice and have a cool retro design. You can reach to the department store after about a 5-minute walk from the Yaesu North Exit of Tokyo Station. Tokyo Eki Ichiban-gai (First Avenue near Tokyo Station) is another popular shopping spot. It is a shopping mall that contains Character Street where you can find various shops for Japanese mascots and animation characters, you will also find Ramen Street where you can eat delicious ramen noodles provided by several popular ramen shops, and other confectionery, fashion and general stores.

nihonbashi cherry blossom

The Imperial Palace is located near Yaesu-Sakura-dori as well. Even though the area is lively, the historical Edo Castle stands calmly. It is surrounded by rich nature so you’ll be able to enjoy the view during each season. One the most famous sightseeing spots around imperial palace is Niju-bashi.

nihonbashi cherry blossom

Last but not least is Tokyo Station. It is a beautiful building that has been one of the major symbols of Tokyo the past 100 years. There are many shops inside the station and you can buy special sweets that are available only in Tokyo Station. There is also a museum inside the station! A souvenir shop is connected to the museum and some interesting goods related to trains can be bought here that would make a great gift.

nihonbashi cherry blossom

There are many other sightseeing spots including museums and shopping spots around the area, so you can enjoy not only viewing cherry blossom but also going out and experiencing activities. The best time to see cherry blossoms at Nihombashi Sakura-dori is from the end of March through the middle of April when the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, the flowers cover the street in an arch shape just like a tunnel of cherry blossoms.
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Nihombashi Sakura-dori (Tokyo Station)

Address: 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

1 minute walk from Tokyo Station, Yaesu Exit
1 minute walk from Nihombashi Station

Phone: 03-3546-5329

Website: Nihombashi Sakura-dori (Japanese)


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