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Rikugien Garden

Rikugien Garden – A Colorful Garden Filled With Cherry Blossoms

Rikugien Garden is a colorful garden in the Bunkyo District of Tokyo. The beautiful garden is cover with pink blooming flowers in the spring and red leaves in the autumn.

Rikugien Garden

Rikugien Garden is well known for its beautiful garden display. Located near Koishikawa Korakuen in the northern part of Tokyo, it was built between the 17th and 19th centuries, feudal lords would build homes here and become residents of the area. The garden took seven years to finish and was completed in 1695.  There are about 88 spots in the garden named after famous places in Japan and China. The paths are built flat and comfortable to walk on, which makes for great strolls. But during the spring season, cherry blossom bloom beautifully throughout the park, making it one of Tokyo best cherry blossom viewing spots.

Rikugien Garden

Rikugien Garden has many spots to see cherry blossoms. Specifically, there are weeping cherry trees nearby the main gate which is a popular spot. Azalea bushes along the shore of the garden bloom beautifully as well. But other spots to consider is the Tsutsuji no Chaya, a beautiful tea house viewpoint for cherry blossom viewing. This spot is close to the Togetsukyo Bride and the Fujishirotoge viewpoint.

Rikugien Garden

And if you want to come to the park at night, Rikugien Garden lights up beautifully and glows pink under the cherry blossom trees. This is an annul event happens every spring season to celebrate the blooming of the cherry blossoms. The park is open until 9:00 PM, which is great for those who want to do Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) after work.

Rikugien Garden

As mentioned before, there is the Koishikawa Korakuen park nearby, as well as the Tokyo Dome City. There is also the Jizo Dori, which is a short walk from Rikugien Garden. There is also a statue nearby where people wash from to gain hope and luck for themselves. Kyu Furukawa Garden is nearby as well, which displays many beautiful roses. You can also check out Ueno Park, which is between Rikugien and Koishikawa Korakuen.

Rikugien Garden

You should definitely come check out the park during its beautiful season time. For cherry blossom season, its best to catch the blooming mid to late March. It slightly changes every year, but falls around the same time every year.
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Rikugien Garden

Address: 6-16-3 Honkomagome, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo

9 minute walk from Sengoku Station
8 minute walk from Komagome Station

Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

300 yen (Adult)
150 yen (Senior)

Phone: 03-3941-2222

Website: Rikugien Garden (Japanese)


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