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Yodogawa Riverside Park

See Pink Cherry Blossoms at Yodogawa Riverside Park

Yodogawa Riverside Park in Osaka/Kyoto area is an awesome spot to have a picnic and relax. During the spring there is over 200 cherry blossom trees blooming and it's a magnificent spot.

Yodogawa Riverside Park

Yodogawa Riverside Park is the most popular cherry blossom viewing spot in Osaka/Kyoto area, the third most popular viewing spot even in Japan. More than 270,000 people visit to view the cherry blossoms every year.

Yodogawa Riverside Park

Yodogawa Riverside Park is between the Uji River and the Kizu River at the point where three rivers, the Katsura River, the Uji River, and the Kizu River join together and then become the Yodogawa River. In addition, it’s surrounded by Mt. Otokoyama in east and Mt. Tennozan in west, this area boasts its richness in nature.

Yodogawa Riverside Park

Although the bank was lined with pine trees until the 1960s, all the pine trees died due to pine wilt disease, then cherry blossom trees were planted. Now cherry blossom trees grow in a magnificent row near the riverbank.

Yodogawa Riverside Park

During the cherry blossom viewing season, the area is expected to be crowed and the roads are also expected to be heavily congested. It is strongly recommend to go there by train. The main path is lined with more than 250 Somei Yoshino cherry blossom trees, that type is the most popular cherry blossom tree in Japan. The riverbank continues for more than 1,400 meters. It looks like a tunnel of cherry blossoms. Under the tunnel of cherry trees, you will  feel to be wrapped with cherry blossoms.

Yodogawa Riverside Park

The rows of cherry blossom trees is amazing, breathtaking and miraculous. Every year, the cherry blossom festival is held in the first week of April, many food stalls are open and you can enjoy trying all of the local food. If you are in the Kansai region on Japan, this is a must visit spot during cherry blossom season.
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Yodogawa Riverside Park

Address: 33-7 Fukazawa Honmachi, Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture

Access: 15 minute walk from Oyamazaki Station

Website: Yodogawa Riverside Park (Japanese)


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