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Haneda to Tokyo

Easily Find Your Way From Haneda Airport To Tokyo

Haneda Airport is close to Tokyo but it may be difficult for tourists to find their way to Tokyo, we're here to help you with this handy guide to make your trip a success!

Haneda to Tokyo

We are here to help you yet again with a simple guide for getting to Haneda Airport from Tokyo. When Haneda, also known as Tokyo International Airport became an international airport for the second time in 2010, tourists and other visitors were given a rather convenient option for landing in Japan. Haneda is much closer to the south side of Tokyo so it might be your preferred option when arriving. There are many ways into central Tokyo from Haneda Airport so be sure to check out the guide we’ve provided above for a few of the popular options that are available. It is also worth checking out the websites for each line or bus in order to find the specific times and stops.


Train Lines

Haneda to Tokyo

There are two major lines that run out of Haneda Airport, the Tokyo Monorail and the Haneda Keikyu Line. Both of these will take you into town for a nice price but you may need to transfer depending on your destination if you take either of these lines. At Haneda Airport the information booths and staff are willing to provide you with assistance in getting your tickets for the trains or bus, so please speak with them for immediate help.

Duration: 25 – 40 minutes
Price: 550 – 600 yen
Website: Keikyu Line
Website: Tokyo Monorail


Limousine Bus

narita to tokyo

The Limousine Bus system is a really great option for reaching the city center or other areas around Tokyo. The Limousine Bus website has a list of routes and helpful information to guide you on your trip through Tokyo. Limousine Bus is not the cheapest option, but it does offer services closer to that of a Taxi such as holding your luggage and it runs along many different stops to make sure you get to your location.

Duration: 20 – 90 minutes
Price: 800 – 1300 yen
Website: Limousine Bus

Haneda to Tokyo

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Haneda International Airport

Address: Hanedakuko, Ota, Tokyo

Phone: 03-5757-8111

Website: Haneda International Airport


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