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March Weather Japan

March in Japan – The Average Temperate and What to Wear

Around some parts of Japan, it starts to warm up. In the north its still snowing but more towards the south, it's warm enough to not need a winter coat. Come see Japan when the cherry blossoms start blooming.

Spring is when the long cold winter finally comes to an end and sunshine returns to Japan. While it may not be snowing in most areas (with the exception of Hokkaido in particularly cold years) it can still be chilly so it’s important to wear warm layers – wool is one of the best insulators, but having a number of layers is ideal so that you can manage your own temperature during the day. Additionally, be sure to have your umbrella with you wherever you go, as quick showers can often sneak up. If you’re planning on any long hikes or outdoor activities, investing in a rain jacket is also a good idea.



March Weather Japan

Average High: 5°C (41°F) Average Low: 1°C (34°F)

Because it’s the most northern part of Japan, Hokkaido often experiences slightly colder winters, meaning that the tail-end of March can be a bit cool. Generally speaking the snow will start to peter off a bit around this time, although the median temperature can still be around 1 degree, with a high of 5 degrees and a low of -3 degrees. It is also extremely rainy during these days, with around 22 days in total of precipitation.



March Weather Japan

Average High: 7°C (44°F) Average Low: 2°C (36°F) 

Although just south of Hokkaido, Tohoku generally experiences similar weather. Nevertheless, the fact that it is separated by a body of water helps to give a bit of a weather buffer zone, meaning that the temperature can be a bit more pleasant. The average temperature here is around 3 degrees in March, with a high of 7 and a low of 0. Around this time the cherry trees also begin to bloom, which can be utterly beautiful.



March Weather Japan

Average High: 15°C (59°F) Average Low: 11°C (52°F)

Including Tokyo, this area is subject to a number of microclimates, depending on where you are. This also includes the area around Kawaguchiko and the Lake District, but generally speaking the temperature is much more temperate here, at around 12 degrees (give or take 3 degrees). While certainly not balmy, this pressure differential does mean there is a considerable amount of rain and often heavy wind. Cherry blossom trees start to bloom around this time.



March Weather Japan

Average High: 12°C (45°F) Average Low: 7°C (35°F)

Including Osaka and Kobe, Kansai is very temperate, and even during the winter one can expect one or two days of snowfall which quickly melt. As a result the average temperature here hovers around 10 degrees, but can get up as high as 13. It’s generally protected from weather off the coast, but headwinds off the Seto Sea can be a bit brutal during this month!



March Weather Japan

Average High: 13°C (55°F) Average Low: 9°C (49°F)

As a rule, Kyushuu has always had favorable semi-tropical weather, and during March this is no exception. Temperatures can go as high as 14 or 15 degrees, and usually remain quite stable even during typhoons and rainy days which take up about 35% of the month. Look forward to some sun during this month, especially if you live in Nagoya or Fukuoka.



March Weather Japan

Average High: 24°C (75°F) Average Low: 18°C (64°F)

The most southern part of Japan, this small island gets the most favorable weather, by far. The average temperature in March will be around 18 degrees, but can get up as high as 24 in some years. As a result though, it often trades off with having some extreme spring weather and is susceptible to heavy winds and typhoons more than almost anywhere else in Japan, so be prepared.


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