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Sumida River Park

Enjoy Cherry Blossoms Along the River at Sumida River Park

Cherry blossoms can be seen conveniently at Sumida River Park near Asakusa. Sumida River Park is a very popular spot during the spring and summer. Come enjoy the cherry blossoms by the river.

Spring takes on a whole new meaning in Japan as not only has the frigid winter wrapped up bringing warmer days, but also spring brings the world famous cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are intertwined with Japanese culture so much that it is part of everyday life. One is likely to have seen or passed by the name sakura which can be seen on many store fronts or various businesses just on the way to the nearest train station. This is for a reason; Japanese people love cherry blossoms. The sakura, cherry blossom, is the unofficial flower of Japan and surely conjures up visions of spring and Hanami celebrations.

Sumida River Park

Located on the east end of Tokyo near Asakusa Station lies one of the most beautiful, and surely most popular, cherry blossom viewing destinations along the Sumida River. The Sumida River Park is home to hundreds of Cherry Blossom tress that are nothing less than breathtaking. This destination is especially popular with travelers as they can take a through Edo period Japan from Sensoji Temple along the winding streets of the Asakusa neighborhood.

Sumida River Park

Although incredibly popular, Sumida River Park offers enough space and trees for all visitors as it stretches over one kilometer going from Asakusa station heading north. Fear of overcrowding is not much of a concern with this spacious destination. Visiting the Sumida River Park for the cherry blossoms is definitely a great chance to take in the beautiful atmosphere of the Sumida River as your vision is bombarded with picture perfect cherry blossoms one and the other.

Sumida River Park

The cherry blossoms are not the only spectacle to be seen as you can see an incredible view of Skytree and the Asahi Beer Hall from across the river as they loom above adding to the exemplary backdrop. The local shops and vendors scattered about the park make Sumida River Park the ideal location for Hanami festivities under the trees. Many visitors from around Tokyo will make a trip out to be a part of the perfect scenery as they throw back a few drinks and eat some of the tastiest delectables that can be found near by or homemade. Don’t forget to do your part and to clean up after yourself as cleanliness is not only a important aspect of Japanese culture, but it is also respectful to your host.

Sumida River Park

Cherry blossom viewing season is extremely short so it will be wise to take advantage of an amazing natural phenomenon that takes places only once a year for as short as two weeks. Viewing cherry blossoms and taking part in Hanami festivities are a great way to see and be part of Japanese culture. The Sumida River Park is the perfect place to make new friends as everyone enjoys the festive atmosphere while having a few drinks and snacks while sitting under the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees. Come along and enjoy a truly amazing experience that is unlike anything in the world!

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Sumida River Park

Address: 1-1 Hanakawado, Taito Ward, Tokyo

Access: 4 minute walk from Asakusa Station

Hours: 24 Hours

Phone: –

Website: Sumida River Park


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