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Tenpyo no Oka Park in Tochigi

Enjoy Colorful Cherry Blossoms at Tenpyo no Oka Park in Tochigi

North of Tokyo, there is the Tenpyo no Oka Park in Tochigi. This relaxing park is home to many beautiful cherry blossom trees. Those looking for peace should definitely visit this park.

Tenpyo no Oka Park in Tochigi

Nearby Tochigi, there is a beautiful park which ranks amongst the most popular spots to enjoy cherry blossoms in Japan. Not too far out north of Tokyo, Tenpyo no Oka park sees hundreds of visitors come by to take thousands of photos and relax in the soft temperatures of spring.

Tenpyo no Oka Park in Tochigi

When searching for a place to go to enjoy with the kids and the family that is both easy to access and contains all the basic utilities necessary to keep everyone happy, Tenpyo no Oka Park comes to mind right away. With its car park, its neat design and toilets spread out throughout, it offers the most convenient place to hang out during the cherry blossoms season.

As you get to the park, there is a map that shows you the best spots to put down your mat under the beautiful pink flowers of spring. There, you can join many other families with your best dishes for the day and watch performances on the stage. If you prefer privacy however, all you need is to walk away from the stage area and find most isolated trees where peace and quiet are your best allies.

Tenpyo no Oka Park in Tochigi

If sitting and eating are not your thing, the park offers many alleyways to wander and look up at the flowers. On your way you can meet structures and buildings reminiscent of Japanese traditional architecture, you can find isolated pathways, ponds and trees. There is plenty for everyone to take a nice breath of fresh air.

The beautiful thing about the park is the scale. You can spend several hours roaming the pathways and always find a new way. You can hang out by the tombs and look through the shops’ windows and still have time to take hundreds of photos of the trees. There is nowhere better than the forest covering most of the ground to get yourself lost in nature.

Tenpyo no Oka Park in Tochigi

A word of warning however, Tenpyo no Oka Park is now part of the top 10 places to see cherry blossoms in Japan and it gets very crowded very quickly in certain parts. If you choose to drive, the car parks will fill up quite early so you’ll have to come earlier still. If you take the train, it will take you 40 minutes from Tokyo by bullet train.

The area is well served and easy to access. If you decide to bring your lunch with you and sit near the stage area, here again, you will have to set your mat early on the ground to have a decent space to sit. On the peak days, there are plenty of children playing and running around so make sure to choose your spot further from the stage if that’s not your thing.

All in all, the park is a very beautiful place to visit during the cherry blossoms season so don’t hesitate to ride up north from Tokyo for a day in the sun. You won’t regret it.
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Tenpyo no Oka Park

Address: 993−1 Kokubunji, Shimotsuke, Tochigi Prefecture,

Access: 10 minute by car from Koganei Station

Hours: 24 Hours

Phone: 0285-32-8907

Website: Tenpyo no Oka Park


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