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Fukuokazeki Sakura Park in Ibaraki

Enjoy Riverside Cherry Blossoms at Fukuokazeki Sakura Park in Ibaraki

Fukuokazeki Sakura Park in Ibaraki is a magnificent spot just outside of Tokyo to see cherry blossoms. This peaceful riverside park is covered in flowers during the spring. This is a must see cherry blossom spot.

The Ibaraki prefecture is one of the most sought after during cherry blossom season, Fukuokazeki Sakura Park has some very colorful cherry blossom trees. There is something very charming about the entire area and the locals are very proud of the beauty it offers every year. You can even find websites that detail the number of cherry blossom trees per viewing site. It is therefore not uncommon to find a thousand trees here or three thousand trees there written on information boards.

Fukuokazeki Sakura Park in Ibaraki

Just north of Tokyo, the prefecture is easy to access and offers both seaside and inland landscapes. Not only does the train bring you anywhere you want throughout the prefecture, it is also simple to navigate if you are driving. At Fukuokazeki Sakura Park I enjoy the area when I need to run away from the city and find a quiet spot to rest my mind.

Fukuokazeki Sakura Park in Ibaraki

Close to two kilometers long, the canal at Fukuokazeki Sakura Park is one of the most popular sites to watch cherry blossom trees in Japan. You can walk along the trees or use canoes to travel all the way while being surrounded by the beautiful pink flowers. The long walk is like a muse for any artist in search for inspiration. The combination of beautiful trees and quiet water is a match made in heaven.

If you are an amateur photograph, you can observe the professionals spend hours tweaking their cameras and looking for the perfect angle offered by the canal as it twists and turns, closely followed by the cherry blossoms.

Fukuokazeki Sakura Park in Ibaraki

What I love the most about the place is that the last portion of land it covers offers those is search of quiet intimacy some privacy. No one likes to be “one of the many couples” hanging out at a romantic spot and Fukuokazeki Sakura Park canal is a fantastic place for couples to avoid that. You can be on your own for photos, selfies while avoiding the crowds of cherry blossom lovers that most tourist spots are filled with.

You will not find any space for families to put down their mat and stay for the day so if you are planning to travel with children, keep in mind that it’s all about walking and canoeing around there to see the cherry blossoms. Although everyone will love the view, those who are looking spend the day eating and drinking may be disappointed.

Fukuokazeki Sakura Park in Ibaraki

Make sure to have a look at this year’s cherry blossoms blooming prediction. There are so many places to visit every year that it is easy to try and see too much miss some of the best spots. For Fukuokazeki Sakura Park, the best time is early April and the weather will decide when to go full bloom. So keep your eyes out and make sure to bring some waterproof clothing so that you can jump inside a canoe and get to see the beautiful cherry blossoms while sailing peacefully on the canal.

Fukuokazeki Sakura Park in Ibaraki

This is the spot you should not miss this spring so get your family ready and hit the road for a magnificent spring.
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Fukuokazeki Sakura Park

Address: 2633-7, Kitayama, Tsukubamirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Access: 10 minutes by car from Midorino Station

Hours: 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Phone: 0297-58-2111 (Tsukubamirai City Office)

Website: Fukuokazeki Sakura Park (Japanese)


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