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Osaka Castle Park

Enjoy Over Hundreds of Cherry Blossoms at Osaka Castle Park

Historic Osaka Castle is surrounded by over 600 cherry blossoms trees. When in Japan during the spring, cherry blossoms are the main event. Don't miss seeing these delicate flowers next to a piece of Japanese history.


There is a general understanding that the first thing anyone visiting Osaka must see first is the Osaka Castle and with it, the Osaka Castle Park. It will be April soon and of course, you’re thinking of the perfect place to go and wander around the cherry blossoms. There are thousands of perfect spots in Japan the Osaka Castle Park is one of them.

Osaka Castle

Constructed in the late 1500’s, the Osaka castle is a beautiful piece of architecture that was burnt down in the mid-1600’s and rebuilt in 1931. Its white, gold and soft green colors make it an easily recognizable figure that every visitor wants to see.

Osaka Castle

The castle is surrounded by over 4,000 trees spread out around the gardens. It is free to visit unless you wish to go into the Nishinomaru Garden which comes at a cost of 350 yen. the castle’s perimeter is quite enough for the casual visitor who simply wants beautiful photos of the castle surrounded by the cherry blossom trees.

Now, here is a tip just for you. When visiting the castle, you can go up a few floors and look at the cherry blossoms’ beauty from above. Between the park surrounding the castle and the city surrounding the park, this is nothing short of a breathtaking view.

Osaka Castle

To me, Nishinomaru Garden is a magical place. I go there every once in a while for inspiration. Between the ponds, the colorful trees and the bridges crossing over within the forest, it is a real pleasure to walk around for hours. It contains over 600 cherry blossom trees and will keep you wonder what it must have been like to live a few hundred years ago in such beauty without the crowds.


What I love the most about the castle and the park is that they are in Osaka city center and thus easy to access from anywhere. It is quite astonishing to find such a quiet place of rest in the middle of a big bustling city such as Osaka.

Osaka Castle

For those of you coming with a family, the park is completely picnic friendly and although some areas are best left alone, you will find plenty of space to put your blanket down.

I told you in the beginning of this article that the Osaka Castle Park was one of the perfect places to look at cherry blossoms and you can see now that I didn’t lie. Between history, architecture, nature and different ways to enjoy the trees, there is no reason for you now not to head out to the Osaka Castle Park and take a million photos with your friends and family. To top it all up, you will be able to find a lot of food carts with delicious Japanese street food. What is there not to like?
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Osaka Castle Park

Address: 3-11 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

Access: 8 minute walk from Osakajokoen Station

Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Phone: 06-6755-4146

Website: Osaka Castle Park (Japanese)


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