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J-World Tokyo: Japan’s indoor anime theme park in Sunshine City Ikebukuro

J-World Tokyo: Japan’s Indoor Anime Theme Park in Sunshine City Ikebukuro

Located in Ikebukuro's Sunshine City, J-World Tokyo is a great theme park to visit for lovers of Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball. Here you'll find adventure and a special place to spend the day for every Jump fan..

J-World Tokyo, Japan’s indoor anime theme park

J-World Tokyo, Japan's indoor anime theme park

J-World Tokyo is anime styled theme park in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City, featuring famous characters like Naruto, Goku and Monkey D. Luffy. This place is a wonderland for kids, so you can expect large hordes of little fans running around alongside you. In J-World you’ll find tons of merchandise including t-shirts, stationary, toys and a bunch more. You’ll be able to have a blast here and find a great gift for someone back home at the same time.


Map of J-World Tokyo

Map of J-World Tokyo

J-World is separated into multiple zones that each feature a different manga or anime, you can see on the map that there is a huge section dedicated strictly to One Piece! It is important to note that all of the attractions are in Japanese but if needed an English guide will be provided for you.


Center Core

Center Core in J-World Tokyo

The center core is near the entrance hall, people gather here to interact with their favorite characters! Giving one of the characters a touch on the screen will make them appear on the projected walls around you.


One Piece Area

ship cannons from One Piece series

With One Piece still going strong as one of the most popular manga and anime series in Japan, it is no wonder why there is such a large area for the series. Here you can see one of the most famous ship cannons from the series!

Chopper Quest in One Piece Area

In the distance you can see one of the areas for the “Chopper Quest” game.


“Shiro Mokuba” Carousel

"Shiro Mokuba" Carousel in One Piece Area

The Shiro Mokuba Carousel is a fun ride for kids, you can ride on different themed motorcycles around the room. Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned ride.


“Chopper” Quest

"Chopper" Quest in One Piece Area

Chopper Quest is a popular attraction at J-World where the player is tasked with finding Luffy with the help of Chopper. On your adventure you’ll have to complete some games to win, it’s a lot of fun.


“Soldier Dock” Adventure

"Soldier Dock" Adventure in One Piece Area

The Soldier Dock ride, is a short little trip through the world of One Piece on a family sized pirate ship. This ride is similar to some of the older Disney rides, but with some video for you to see as well.


Cafe Mademoiselle

Cafe Mademoiselle in One Piece Area

Near the entrance you’ll find a One Piece themed cafe called Cafe Mademoiselle. Here you are able to buy Luffy themed pilaf or Chopper shaped ice cream among many other treats if you are feeling a bit hungry.

Cafe Mademoiselle in One Piece Area

In the glass case you’ll find the typical Japanese model food to get an idea of what your meal will look like, so cool right?


Dragon Ball Area

Dragon Ball Area

With a little luck you’ll soon be greeted by the great Shenron who guards this amazing Dragon Ball section of J-World.

Photo spot in Dragon Ball Area

Around the corner you’ll have a chance to finally ride the nimbus for a photo opportunity.

Gachagacha in Dragon Ball Area

If you are looking for a small gift for a loved one or a Dragon Ball fan, the capsule machines are a great chance. There are many extremely unique toys to try your luck at finding.

Photo spot in Dragon Ball Area

My favorite thing about the Dragon Ball area are the lifelike models. Here you can see Raditz’ battle damaged armor in the capsule corp themed room.

Photo spot in Dragon Ball Area

Last but not least is the amazing Saiyan pod, I’ve wanted one since I was a kid! Here you’ll have a chance to sit inside it for a photo opportunity.



Shoot! “KAMEHAMEHA”!! in Dragon Ball Area

Shoot! “KAMEHAMEHA” is a virtual reality experience that allows you to battle alongside Goku and learn to use the Kamehameha technique!

Shoot! “KAMEHAMEHA”!! in Dragon Ball Area

Here you can see the ticket booth and the access area of the attraction.


Naruto Area

Naruto Area

The Naruto section of J-World might be a little disappointing for some as it only has one main attraction, the Ninkai Taisen Emaki. In the Naruto attraction, you’ll battle other ninja with by throwing objects and solving puzzles.




J-Carnival is a large section dedicated to arcade games and crane machines that are Jump character themed. You’ll find stuff here for Prince of Tennis, Gintama and many others.

classic carnival style games in J-Carnival

They have classic carnival style games as well, such as shooting basketballs into the hoop for points and prizes. Each game has a guide to help English speakers if needed.

Purikura in J-Carnival

Also in the area you’ll find purikura machines for taking pictures with your favorite characters or posing with your friends.

crane game machine in J-Carnival

In the crane game machines you’ll find high quality figures to be won if you spend the time and effort. Check out that Ace Statue!


J-World Kitchen

J-World Kitchen

J-World kitchen has many different themed meals for you to try, from Dragon Ball Z fried chicken to Bleach themed seafood Pasta. There is something here for everyone. If you need help, there are English menu’s available for you.


J-World Store

J-World Store

Right next to the J-World Kitchen is the Souvenir section called J-World Store. In this area you’ll find tons of goods related to your favorite characters, shirts, buttons and a ton more.

Goods in J-World Store

Take a look at those cute character stickers at the top!


Ticket Type and Price

Ticket Type Adult(age 16~) Child(age 4 to 15)
Admission Ticket 800 yen 600 yen
Unlimited Attractions Pass
2,600 yen 2,400 yen

There are two main entrance types, The 800 yen Admission Ticket allows you to enter but you will have to pay for all of the attractions you’d like to visit, most of them are around 800 yen. The more common ticket is the Unlimited Attractions Pass that allows you to take on anything you’d like for 2,600 yen. For more information, please visit the J-World website.



Getting to J-World Tokyo or Ikebukuro is pretty simple. It is just 8 minute walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro Station, but if you have trouble, please feel free to ask us through our chat.

From Haneda Airport

1. Haneda Airport International Terminal Station (Tokyo monorail) → Hamamatsucho Station (JR yamanote line) → Ikebukuro Station. (Around 1 hour)
2. Haneda Airport International Terminal Station (Keikyu Airport Line) → Shinagawa Station (JR yamanote line) → Ikebukuro Station. (Around 1 hour)

From Narita Airport

Narita Airport Station → (Keisei Skyliner/Access Express/Rapid Express) → Nippori Station (JR yamanote line) → Ikebukuro Station (Around 1 hour)

From Shinjuku Station

You can take the Yamanote line towards Ikebukuro. (Around 15 minutes)
[map lat=”35.729147″ lng=”139.719202″][/map]

J World Tokyo

Address: Sunshine City World Import Mart Building 3F, 3-1-3 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima Ward, Tokyo

Access: 8 minute walk from Ikebukuro Station

Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
*Last entry at 9:00 PM

Admission Fee:
・Admission Ticket
800 yen (Adult)
600 yen (Child)

・Unlimited Attractions Pass
2,600 yen (Adult)
2,400 yen (Child)

Phone: 03-5950-2181

Website: J World Tokyo


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