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Yoshinoyama: A Mountain of Cherry Blossoms

A Mountain of Cherry Blossoms at Yoshinoyama in Nara

At Yoshinoyama the cherry blossoms cover the mountain during cherry blossom season which captures the true essence and beauty of cherry blossoms in Japan. Make your way down the Yoshinoyama and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms as far as the eye can see.

A simple internet search will render thousands of photos and videos taken in random cherry blossom sites around Japan. Mount Yoshinoyama in the Nara prefecture is one site cherry blossom enthusiasts will see repeatedly as Yoshinoyama is one of the most popular cherry blossom viewing areas in Japan. Yoshinoyama is specifically known for its breathtaking beauty as visitors can see the mountain decorated with beautiful cherry blossom trees. Yoshonoyama keeps visitors and locals coming year after year.

Yoshinoyama: A Mountain of Cherry Blossoms

Yoshinoyama: A Mountain of Cherry Blossoms

From top to bottom, Yoshinoyama is covered by about three thousand cherry blossom trees spread out throughout the mountain which is divided in four main areas: Shimo Senbon, Naka Senbon, Kami and Oku Senbon. Shimo Senbon which is at the foot of Yoshinoyama contains roughly a thousand trees scattered about the bottom. Naka Senbon is the middle part of the mountain. Kami Senbon is between the middle and the top part of the mountain. Lastly is Oku Senbon which is at the top of the mountain.

Yoshinoyama: A Mountain of Cherry Blossoms

Yoshinoyama is dotted with viewpoints, accommodations and restaurants which have been facilitating tourists during the cherry blossom season for quite some time. The lower part of Yoshinoyama offers some of the most stunning cherry blossoms archways and spots for picnics, photos and simple walks.

Yoshinoyama Cherry Blossoms

If you choose to climb up a bit, you will add fantastic views over the valley to your photos. The higher you go up Yoshinoyama, the more you can discover the pink sea of cherry blossoms laying at your feet and extending all the way to the roots of the Yoshinoyama and beyond. There is nowhere else in the world where you can catch such a view.

Yoshinoyama: A Mountain of Cherry Blossoms

Once you reach the top of Yoshinoyama there is a lot fewer cherry trees but you can bring your blanket to sit down and join in on the Hanami celebration on Yoshinoyama. The soft light of the early spring sun and the breeze traveling through the trees make Yoshinoyama feel like heaven on earth.


At the base of Yoshinoyama is the town of Shimo Senbon. If you can get there early enough you can watch the sun rise at Yoshinoyama with the locals. The mixture of bright reds and soft browns that make up the traditional Japanese architecture with the pink of the cherry blossoms and the changing colors of the sky make for a once in a lifetime experience. Spend a bit of time wandering around town and take in the scenery before you set off into the cherry blossom filled hills of Yoshinoyama.

Yoshinoyama: A Mountain of Cherry Blossoms

At Yoshinoyama, early mornings reap the rewards during the cherry blossom season simply because all the beautiful cherry blossom viewing spots will fill with people during the day which makes this short moment of morning peace worth all the difficulty of getting up early. Make your way to Yoshinoyama early in the morning and you won’t regret it.
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Address: Yoshinoyama, Yoshino, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture

Access: 52 minute walk from Yoshino Station

Phone: 0746-32-1007

Website: Yoshinoyama Official Site


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