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Must Visit Anime/Manga Museums in Japan

5 Must Visit Anime/Manga Museums in Japan

Anime and manga is a huge part of Japanese culture. It is now world famous and many people wish to visit Japan because of it's influence. Come learn about the history of manga and anime in Japan.

#1. Tokyo Animation Center – Tokyo

Tokyo Animation Center - Tokyo
Photo Credit:BreakdownDiode

Located in famous Akihabara, the Tokyo Animation Center is an awesome museum to learn about animation, try voice acting, and buy limited items. There are anime related limited-time exhibits so be sure to check the schedule, maybe your favorite anime is having an exhibit soon. There is a large PR area promoting popular anime or upcoming series. Depending on the day, there could be mini charity concerts held inside the recording studio, at the event there is also a charity auction with antique items from anime-related companies. Akihabara is one of the main areas for anime and manga, be sure to visit this museum and pick up a souviner.
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Tokyo Animation Center

Address: 4F Akihabara UDX, 4-14-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

Access: 2 minute walk from Akihabara Station

Hours: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
*Closed Mondays

Admission Fee: Free

Phone: 03-5298-1188

Website: Tokyo Animation Center (Japanese)


#2. Ghibli Museum – Tokyo

Ghibli Museum - Tokyo
Photo Credit: Kimtaro@flickr

Some of us were introduced to anime by Studio Ghibli. At this amazing museum, all of your favorite Ghibli characters life-sized. Located in Mitaka, outside of central Tokyo, this is a must visit museum if you grew-up on Ghibli movies. There are exhibits showing how Hayao Miyazaki makes his master pieces, how anime is created, and character design. Tickets must be purchased beforehand. Tickets are day and time specific, tickets are not sold at the museum.
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Ghibli Museum

Address: 1-1-83 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka Ward, Tokyo

Access: 15 minute walk from Mitaka Station

Hours: 10:00 AM / 12:00 PM / 2:00 PM / 4:00 PM
*Depends on ticket
*Closed Tuesdays

Admission Fee:
1,000 yen (Adult)
700 yen (Student)
400 yen (Child)

Phone: 0570-055777

Website: Ghibli Museum


#3. Toei Animation Gallery – Tokyo

Toei Animation Gallery - Tokyo
Photo Credit:正和

The Toei Animation Gallery in Nerima is another large hub for anime and manga. The Toei company has been a big name in the industry since the beginning, they have produced well known anime such as Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and Pretty Cure. At this magical museum you can see original story boards and animations tools. Enjoy the permanent exhibits and some exhibits change every three months so be sure to check the website. This is a must visit museum for those who grew up with older anime.
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Toei Animation Gallery

Address: 2-10-5 Higashi Oizumi, Nerima Ward, Tokyo

Access: 15 minutes walk from Oizumi Gakuen Station

Hours: 9:30 – 5:00 PM
*Closed Mondays

Admission Fee: Free

Phone: 03-5318-0678

Website: Toei Animation Gallery (Japanese)


#4. Suginami Animation Museum – Tokyo

Suginami Animation Museum - Tokyo
Photo Credit:TokyoMontana

The Suginami Animation Museum is the place to learn about the way anime is structured. The museum goes deep into the history and future of anime. Learn about the tools and skills need to make anime, having these might get your creative juices flowing. Relax in the movie while watching famous anime. If you are interested in computer animation, this is the museum to visit.
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Suginami Animation Museum

Address: 3-29-5 Kamiogi, Suginami Ward, Tokyo

Access: 20 minute walk from Ogikubo Station

Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
*Closed Mondays

Admission Fee: Free

Phone: 03-3396-1510

Website: Suginami Animation Museum


#5. Kyoto International Manga Museum – Kyoto

Photo Credit:Kento Ikeda@flickr

Kyoto is filled with beautiful historic temples for history fanatics and then there is the Kyoto International Manga Museum for manga fanatics. The museum itself is inside of an old elementary school, so you really feel like you are learning about manga. There is a large turf for children to play on and adults can lounge around. There are thousands of books for you to enjoy at the museum. There are also drawing classes offered so try your hand at creating your own original manga.
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Kyoto International Manga Museum

Address: 452 Kinbuki-cho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Access: 5 minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station

Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
*Closed Wednesdays

Admission Fee:
800 yen (Adult)
300 yen (Student)
100 yen (Child)

Phone: 075-254-7414

Website: Kyoto International Manga Museum


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