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The Historic Katana Sword and Where to Buy One

The Katana sword is the symbol of Japanese Samurai pride and strength. Eager visitors make their way to Japanese Sword Museum to see the history of the Katana sword and go to Japan Sword Co, Ltd. to get their hands on a real Katana sword!


The Katana sword  is most definitely associated with the image of the Samurai in ancient and feudal Japan. Those who are interested in Samurai and Japanese culture surely recognize  the Katana sword and might even desire to own one their own.  The Katana sword is a key item for the Samurai as it is not just a weapon but an extension of the Samurai body and spirit. Take a trip back in time and see the Bushido spirit for yourself as you gaze upon the great Katana swords of Japan.


History of the Katana

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The Japanese Katana sword conjures up images of strong Samurai warriors from the 15th through 19th century Japan where they commanded great respect and honor. The Katana sword is most definitely as popular as the Samurai themselves as it was with the Katana sword they displayed their craft. The origins of the Katana sword can be traced back as far as the Kamakura Period in the year 1185 but it was not until the Muromaachi Period in the year 1400 where the Katana sword began to gain popularity amongst the Samurai warriors. During this time period close hand combat was still the means of battle therefore the Katana sword was perfect for combat as it was light, easily accessible, and fatally effective. During the Meiji Period the Samurai class was disbanded and Samurais were forced to give up their Katana swords.


Where to Buy a Katana Sword

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Japan Sword Co. Ltd is the premier shop for purchasing authentic and replica Katana swords in Tokyo. The Japan Sword Co. Ltd store dates back all the way to the Meiji period in the year 1900. Visitors can not only purchase Katana swords, they can also buy Samurai helmets, armor, and more.

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This shop is world famous for its Katana swords and Samurai related items. Ownership of a Katana sword is only allowed if one goes through the proper procedures and filing the proper paperwork.
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Japan Sword Co. Ltd.

Address: 3-8-1 Toranomon, Minato Ward, Tokyo

4 minute walk from Toranomon Station
5 minute walk from Kamiyacho Station

Hours: 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM
*Closed Sundays

Phone: 03-3434-4321

Website: Japan Sword Co. Ltd. Official Site (Japanese)


Katana Sword Museum in Tokyo


The Japanese Sword Museum has a 50 year history of offering the most eclectic variety of Katana swords in all of Japan. Located in the beautiful Yoyogi neighborhood of Tokyo, the Japanese Sword Museum offers exhibitions that display over a hundred different swords at any given time from an archive of over 1,000 swords. The Katana sword is put on full display in all it’s beauty at the Japanese Sword Museum which will definitely inspire visitors.
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The Japanese Sword Museum

Address: 4-25-10 Yoyogi, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

8 minute walk from Sangubashi Station
7 minute walk from Hatsudai Station

Hours: 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
*Closed Mondays

Admission Fee:
800 yen (Adult)
300 yen (Student)

Phone: 03-3379-1386

Website: The Japanese Sword Museum


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