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The Kochikame Bronze Statue Tour in Kameari!

The Kochikame Bronze Statue Tour in Kameari!

The Kochikame Bronze Statue Tour in Kamekari is the perfect way to tour the city while finding your favorite Kamekari series characters! Can you find them all?

Welcome to Kameari!


Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Koen Mae Hashutsujo, or otherwise known as Kochikame, is a largely popular manga that ran from 1976 to 2016 which produced 200 volumes setting a Guinness World Record for longest manga. Kameari is the setting for Kochikame and in this downtown setting remains the emotional connection of Japan as locals truly love this city.

The Kochikame Bronze Statue Tour

Scattered about Kameari are bronze statues from the Kochikame series where visitors are invited to tour the city while looking for each one.

Kochikame Broze Statue Map


Here a list of the different bronze statues that can be found at various corners of the city. Visitors are encouraged to find all the Kochikame themed states as they can also take in the sights of the city.

In front of the station on a bench sits the Bronze Ryosan


Right in front of the north exit of the Kameari station sits Ryosan ready to greet visitors as they start their Kochikame statue tour.

Childhood Ryosan Bronze Statue


Here sits a joyful statue of Ryosan as a boy which is one of many stops in Kameari along the Kochicame statue tour.

Near Katori Shrine Bronze Ryosan Statue


Katori Shrine in Kameari is one of the many back drops of the Kochikame series. It is a small but beautiful shrine that blends right into the city scape. Your Kochikame statue tour will bring you here as you visit Ryosan near Katori Shrine.

Nakagawa, Honda, and Reiko Bronze Statues


Nakagawa is the pretty boy of the Kochikame series as his beautiful brown hair and blue eyes are a stark contrast to the other officers. He is also known for his vibrant designer pinstriped yellow suit which is given some life as the bronze highlights these features.


Honda is everyones favorite split-personality, former biker-gang leader, cosplaying, J-pop loving, Kochikame character. Honda is a lot wrapped into one to say the least but he is revered by his colleagues for his expert biking skills and fearless attitude towards criminals. By the way, he has also failed in over 180 attempts to get a girlfriend. The Kochimake statue tour will bring you to this comically complex but loveably Kochikame character.


Reiko is the fashionable and caring female main character of the Kochikame series. She is best known for her blonde hair, blue eyes,  pink suit and most importantly her kind advice.

Kochikame Themed Game Center

Kochikame fans and even casual visitors will definitely be entertained by the Kochimake themed game center as the Kochikame series comes to life via games.

A life-size replica of the Kochikame Police station complete with characters is something Kochikame enthusiasts will want to see.

The Kochikame Themed game center offers all the latest games but Kochikame as the backdrop making much more than you’re average game center.

Along with the latest games at the Kochikame themed game center are Kochikame collectables that fans will want to get their hands on.

Take a look into Ryosan’s desk and you will find his own stash of collectables.
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Kameari Station

Address: 3-25 Kameari, Katsushika Ward, Tokyo

Website: 下町観光ガイド (Japanese)


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