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New Three-Day Unlimited Japan Railway (JR) Pass for Tokyo and East Japan

New Three-Day Unlimited Japan Railway (JR) Pass for Tokyo and East Japan

Thinking of hopping around stations in Tokyo and east Japan? For a limited time, JR is selling three-day unlimited train passes to satisfy your wanderlust. Get the most out of your time in Japan by using the JR East 30th Anniversary Pass to fulfill your travel checklist!

JR East 30th Anniversary Pass

In commemoration of JR’s 30th anniversary, the company has released a pass that allows unlimited access to both regular and rapid trains in three railroad companies: Japan Railways East network, Aoimori railroads, and IGR Iwate Ginga railroads. Travelers are welcome to board trains and venture out from urban Tokyo to prefectures such as Aomori, which would typically cost around 17,000 yen (one-way), for the price of 13,000 yen (adult price). With the JR East 3oth Anniversary pass, Tohoku regions aside from Hokkaido become cheaper and easier to visit.


JR East 30th Anniversary Pass vs. JR East Pass

Ticket Price Valid Train Routes
New Three-Day Pass Adult 13,000 yen, Child 3,000 yen JR lines as well as Aoimori and IGR Iwate Ginga railroads
JR East Pass Adult 20,000 yen, Child 10,000 yen only JR lines

As shown in the table, the new three-day pass is 7,000 yen cheaper (adult price) than the JR East pass that is already on the market. The new pass also offers coverage of select railroad lines other than JR, whereas the JR East Pass is only effective on JR train routes. The only setback is that you can only use the new pass for three days.

JR East 30th Anniversary Pass

13,000 yen (adult)
3,000 yen (children 11 and under)
*For an additional fee, you will be able to ride limited express and shinkansen (bullet) trains as well.

Effective Time: 3 days (choose between the dates July 21 2017 – July 31 2017)

Available for Purchase: June 21 2017 – July 26 2017
*You can purchase your pass up to a month before your scheduled usage. You must purchase your pass at least three days before its effective time.

Where to Purchase: Stations with JR East Japan lines, Midori-no-Madoguchi (Ticket Reservation Offices), JR East Travel Service Center


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