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Must Have Japanese Beauty Appliances in 2017!

6 Must Have Japanese Beauty Appliances in 2017!

Japan and technology go hand in hand so it's not surprising to see Japan has the best beauty appliances in the world! Here are some Japanese beauty appliances!

Hitachi HadaCRIE Facial Moisturizing Unit


Hitachi HadaCRIE CM-N820

The Hitachi HadaCRIE CM-N820 is one of the latest models for skin care. It’s cordless and convenient to carry around and users can use it with your regular facial lotions and facial masks.


In moist up mode, users can make permeate their skin without the use of cotton wipes or balls. In mask mode, users can use the Hitachi HadaCRIE CM-N820 with facial lotions or masks as it moisturizes slowly on the skin for daily easy to do skin care.


Bijouna – Koizumi Reset Brush


Koizumi Reset Brush KBE-2920

The incredibly popular Aesthetic brush called the Reset Brush that uses magnetic vibrations now comes in a compact version. The Koizumi Reset Brush KBE-2920 is convenient to carry with many color variations. The magnetic vibrations reduce static in the hair for beautiful straight hair.


With the use of the Koizumi Reset Brush KBE-2920, buyers can expect beautiful and glossy hair as the brush stimulates the scalp directly making it easier to remove dirt and keeping that shine.


Panasonic Facial Hair Remover


Panasonic ES-WF40-P facial hair remover

The Panasonic ES-WF40-P is the latest in facial hair removers from the Panasonic company. This facial hair remover finely shaves facial hair leaving users with silky smooth skin.


ThePanasonic ES-WF40-P uses a 0.12 mm blade to give a close shave without any water needed and adjusts to any irregularities in the skin.


 Panasonic Facial Steamer


Panasonic EH-SA37-P Facial Steamer

Compact and easy to use, the Panasonic EH-SA37-P Facial Steamer emits nano sized steam that penetrates the skin deeply for a complete clean while also strengthening and moisturizing the skin. The deep cleansing is also strong enough to remove all left over mascara. The console comes in a variety of cute colors to fit right into your home interior.


Salonia Hair Iron


Salonia Double Ion Straigh Iron SL004

Negative Double Ion technology creates beautiful, straight, and glossy hair while protecting the cuticle from damaging heat to give the hair some moisture as the hair stays in style for longer.


MTG ReFa CARAT Platinum Electric Roller


MTG ReFa CARAT Platinum Electric Roller

The deep massaging action of the MTG electric roller tightens the skin. The double roller kneads the skin which allows a deep massage that is gentle and strengthens the skin. In order to give users that deep massage the 3D design is made with great detail to catch every angle for the best body care. With the delicate skin of women in mind, the shape of the MTG electric roller also reduces contact which means a message with little to no pain. Lastly, the diamond cut design gives both beauty and functionality to the MTG ReFa CARAT Platinum Electric Roller.


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