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Adachi Fireworks Festival

Top Tokyo Fireworks Festivals in 2017!

Tokyo is home to some of the greatest fireworks displays that happen every summer! Visitors will be treated to various Tokyo Fireworks Festivals in Tokyo!

Sumida River Fireworks Festival

Sumida Fireworks Festival

When it comes to Fireworks Festivals in Tokyo, the Sumida River Fireworks Festival is most definitley at the top of the list for locals and travelers alike. Visitors can check out 20,000 different fireworks as they take in the festivities. Situated right on the riverside of the beautiful Sumida River in the Asakusa district of Tokyo, the Sumida Fireworks Festival is the premier fireworks festival in Tokyo. Visitors can enjoy delicious street foods at any of the stands that are stretched out along Sumida Park as they watch the beautiful fireworks with Tokyo Skytree as a beautiful backdrop. The Sumida River Fireworks Festival can be seen from up and down Sumida at locations starting at Sakura Bashi, Kototoi Bridge, Komagatabashi and Umayabashi. Visitors are urged to get there early as it is one of the most crowded festivals in Japan.
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Sumida River Fireworks Festival

Address: 1 Chome-2-4 Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Access: 10 minute walk from Asakusa Station

Time: July 29th at 7:05 PM

Website: Sumida River Fireworks Festival (Japanese)


Katsushika Fireworks Festival

Top Tokyo Fireworks Festivals in 2017!

The Katsushika Fireworks Festival is considered to be the second largest in size as visitors will be treated to 15,000 different firework dispalys! The Katsuhika Fireworks Festival is located along the Edogawa River in the Shibamata Park where here too there will be delicious food stalls to grab some street food or a drink. The Katsushika Fireworks Festival is one of the most attended festivals in Tokyo so visitors please be ready for a big crowd!
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Katsushika Fireworks Festival

Address: 6 Chome Shibamata, Katsushika Ward, Tokyo

Access: 7 minute walk from Shimabata Station

Start: July 26th from 7:20 PM – 8:30 PM

Website: Katsushika Fireworks Festival (Japanese)


Edogawa Fireworks Festival

Top Tokyo Fireworks Festivals in 2017!

The Edogawa Fireworks Festival will see it’s 41st installment this year as the Edogawa Fireworks Festival has been one of the mainstays for Tokyo Fireworks Festivals. The Edogawa Fireworks Festival is definitely most well known in Tokyo as visitors make their way to see 14,000 fireworks light up the night sky. Visitors will flood the Shinozaki Park to catch this years 41st celebration of the Edogawa Fireworks Festival.
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41st Annual Edogawa Fireworks Festival

Address: 1 Chome-25-1 Kamishinozaki, Edogawa Ward, Tokyo

Access: 10 minute walk from Shinozaki Station

Start: Early August 2017 Starting at 19:15 PM

Website:  Edogawa Fireworks Festival (Japanese)


Tamagawa Fireworks Festival

Tamagawa Fireworks Festival

Right along the Tama River near the Futakotamagawa Station in the Setagaya Ward of Tokyo is the 38th annual Tamagawa Fireworks Festival. Futakotamagawa Station has recently taken on a spectacular rennovation which adds to the natural atmosphere of the nearby Tama River. Visitors make their way to gaze upon a display of 12,000 fireworks that will turn the night into day. The Tamagawa Fireworks Festival definitely has its popularity but there will not be nearly as many visitors as the other Fireworks Festivals around Tokyo.
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Tamagawa Fireworks Festival

Address:1 Chome-16-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo

Access: 12 minute walk from Futakotamagawa Station

Start: Mid August 2017 Starting at 19:00 PM

Website: Tamagawa Fireworks Festival (Japanese)


Jingugaien Fireworks Festival

Top Tokyo Fireworks Festivals in 2017!

The Jingugaien Fireworks Festival is definitely the easiest to access as it is in central Tokyo. Visitors will pack the Meiji Jingu Stadium as they are treated to 10,000 fireworks in a very sports-like atmosphere. The Meji Jingu Stadium will be open as if it were a usual game, therefore, concession stands will be open for all visitors to enjoy!
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Jingugaien Fireworks Festival

Address: 3-1 Kasumigaokamachi, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

Access: 15 minute walk from Gaiemmae Station

Start: Mid August 2017 Starting at 19:30 PM

Website: Jingugaien Fireworks Festival (Japanese)


Chofu Fireworks Festival

Chofu City Fireworks Festival in Tokyo

The Chofu City Fireworks Festival isn’t as popular as others but it is still worth the trip as visitors can see a massive display of 8,000 fireworks above the Tama River. The Chofu City Fireworks Festival will be held in nearby Inada Park which provides plenty of space for those who are looking to avoid the big crowds.
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Chofu City Fireworks Festival

Address: 2 Chome-9-12 Sugeinadazutsumi, Tama Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Access: 10 minute walk from Keio-Indazumi Station

Start: Mid August 2017 Starting at 6:50 PM

Website: Chofu City Fireworks Festival (Japanese)


Adachi Fireworks Festival

Adachi Fireworks Festival

Located in the northern part of Tokyo lies the Adachi Fireworks Festival which is definitely a must see Tokyo Fireworks Festival as it turns 38 this year! Visitors can see a massive display 13,500 fireworks along the Arakawa river from Arakawanishiaraibashi Ryokuchi Park. Visitors will definitely want to check out the Kitasenju area as it was recently voted as the most desired living place by the residents of Tokyo.
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Adachi Fireworks Festival

Address: 4 Chome, Umeda, Adachi Ward, Tokyo

Access: 18 minute walk from Kitasenju Station

Start: July 23rd Starting at 6:30 PM

Website: Adachi Fireworks Festival (Japanese)


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