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Horoyoi – Japan’s Popular Fruity Alcoholic Drink

Horoyoi is Japan's most irresistibly fruity alcoholic drink! It's a classic beverage of choice within Japan's drinking culture with it's catchy designs, limited edition flavors, and low alcohol content that's perfect for light drinkers. Take a quick peek into the variety of flavors that Horoyoi has to offer!

Drinking is a big part of the culture in Japan, and many companies tend to have drinking parties after the work day is done. Suntory, one of the top beverage companies in Japan, produces many different type of drinks, ranging from soda to beer to wine. One of Suntory’s popular drinks is Horoyoi. Horoyoi is a three percent alcoholic beverage with a wide variety of flavors. Depending on the season, there are limited edition flavors. Horoyoi is popular among women for the low alcohol content and the variety of flavors.

Suntory Horoyoi

The name “Horoyoi” hints that this is a drink for light drinkers. The drink itself is a chuhai, an abbreviation of “shochu highball”. A normal chuhai is made with shochu, carbonated water, and lemon juice, though some restaurants have used vodka instead of shochu. Horoyoi is being sold in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea. It can be purchased at almost every convenience store and supermarket in Japan.


Grape Sour

Suntory Horoyoi

This grape flavored drink has a bit of a sour touch and like most of the Horoyoi, it is very sweet. It does have a very strong and rich grape flavor that can be pretty intense for some people. I’d compare it to a grape soft drink mixed with a sour wine.


White Grape

Suntory Horoyoi

The white grape Horoyoi has a really refreshing and clean flavor. Although it is a fruit drink, it is not so sweet allowing you to drink quite a bit more than expected. I recommend this drink for it’s flavor, it is very good!



Suntory Horoyoi

The most popular among young women is the peach flavor. White peach Horoyoi has a distinct and powerful peach flavor and the appearance of the can is light pink like a peach as well. I recommend this one for its light flavor.


White Sour

Suntory Horoyoi

The white Horoyoi is a sort of milky flavor, and here in Japan it is a very popular flavor used in many different drinks, notably in Calpis. It is a little sour, so some people may not like it. I find it sweet and tasty though. It is an excellent summer drink.


Lemon Ginger

Suntory Horoyoi

The can design for the Horoyoi’s lemon ginger is my favorite of the bunch. I find that the lemon ginger soda flavor makes me feel pretty good as well. Japan really loves mixing lemon and ginger together, so if you ever visit, you will be in for a treat if you try this. Don’t worry, this drink isn’t spicy even though it is ginger flavored!


Plum Wine Soda

Suntory Horoyoi

If you’ve never tried Horoyoi before, I really recommend the plum wine soda flavor. It’s not too sour and only slightly sweet. I feel like this one will leave a strong first impression on you.



Suntory Horoyoi

Woah! This grapefruit flavor is really good, it’s a fusion between salty and the sweetness of a grapefruit. You’d think this wouldn’t be very good but it is actually one of the best! Give it a try when you are in Japan.


Black Tea Sour

Suntory Horoyoi

Black tea flavored beverages are popular in Japan and you should try them out when you have the chance. Carbonated alcohol and black tea mix together surprisingly well, and it is really easy to enjoy these types of drinks due to the low sugar content. You wont feel sick after you’ve had a few and that is a good thing when you find these.


Cassis Grape

Suntory Horoyoi

Cassis is really popular flavor in Japan. It is made from black currants which are similar to berries or grapes. You’ll find this flavor at practically every izakaya around Japan. It’s a bit of a mysterious flavor but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


Winter Mandarin Orange

Suntory Horoyoi

Finally, for the winter season there is the limited edition mandarin orange flavor! In response to the end of the year and family reunion opportunities, this mandarin orange flavor is officially on sale from November 15th until the end of winter. The design of the can is festive.

Hopefully you have the opportunity to buy a can of Horoyoi during your stay in Japan. You should experience all of the different types of Horoyoi flavors that will leave you stumbling about after a long night of fruity goodness.


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