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Japanese Tea Specialty Shop, Tokyo Saryo is Serving Hand-dripped Tea

Tokyo Saryo near Sangenjaya Station in Tokyo is serving hand-dripped tea with traditional Japanese sweets. Choose from different teas and sweets to find the best combination.

If you are looking for innovative and fun Japanese food, check out the newly opened Tokyo Saryo in Sangenjaya. Tokyo Saryo is a specialty shop serving Japanese tea. With a variety of different tea leaves, the tea barista prepares the tea as if was hand-drip coffee. Maybe hand-dripped tea is the next big thing.


Japanese Tea Specialty Shop, Tokyo Saryo

After a riding on the Den-entoshi Line, Tokyo Saryo is a five minute walk from Sangenjaya Station. This simple little shop with only ten seats is tucked away but customers were constantly coming and going.


Photo Credit:株式会社LUCY ALTE DESIGN

Tokyo Saryo has a simple menu, guests choose two types of tea and it comes with a traditional Japanese sweet. There is seven types of tea and three different types of Japanese sweets to choose from. Since there is slight differences in the tea leaves, the menu clearly describes each one so guests can pick something they will enjoy. This time the two teas were chose were quite different, Harumoegi is a little sweet and Kouran had a very rich scent.


After ordering, a card for the two teas you ordered is placed in front of you. There is a QR code on the cards, if you scan the QR code you can learn about the history and production of the tea. Unfortantely, there is only a Japanese version of the story.

Photo Credit:株式会社LUCY ALTER DESIGN

The tea is hand-dripped using this stylish dripper as pictured above, its just like hand-dripped coffee. When we asked about the special dripper, the shop staff said it not for sale yet.



Enjoy the two different teas with the traditional sweets, the sweet, bitter, and fragrant tea pairs well with the sweets.


After enjoy the first part, the second part is a little different. The second time, the water is much hotter so the flavor of the tea is stronger. After drinking the tea a second time, it is definitely much more flavorful.


The third time, you pick one of your teas then it is mixed with genmaicha. After being mixed with genmaicha, the flavor changes again. Guests can enjoy tasting different variations of the tea they picked. While enjoying the tea, the barista explains a little of the background and how to better enjoy the fragrant tea. If you really enjoy Japanese tea, Tokyo Saryo is the shop for you. Be sure to add this to you must-visit list while in Tokyo.

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Tokyo Saryo

Address: 1-34-15 Kamiuma, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo

Access: 5 minute walk from Sangenjaya Station

Hours: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Website: Tokyo Saryo (Japanese)


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