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Owl Cafe in Tokyo Asakusa "Owl nomori" Forest of Owl

Exprience Cuddly Owls at the Forest of Owl Cafe in Asakusa

Unusual animals cafes are getting more popular in Tokyo. Near Asakusa Station, come visit the Forest of Owl cafe. Meet some unique and cuddly owls in the middle of the city.

Asakusa is one of most popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo. Places such as Sensoji Temple, Nakamise shopping street and the rickshaws are among the many traditional Japanese sightseeing spots and things within Asakusa. Hidden within all of this Owl no Mori Owl Cafe! In Japan there are quite a few Japanesque cafes such as the maid cafe, cat cafe and other various cafes with unique themes; but the theme of an owl cafe is definitely special in its own. It’s about a five minute walk from Asakusa Station where you can find the Owl no Mori Owl Cafe.

Owl Cafe in Tokyo Asakusa

In front of the store is a crowd of people who came to take a look as the staff was inviting people to hold an owl. Many of the sightseers stopped by and took pictures. Even if you don’t enter the store you can still touch the owls here.

Owl Cafe in Tokyo Asakusa

This owls name is “Apple”. There are two other owls of the same type named “Steve” and “Jobs”. Do you know what that means?



When entering the store you can see quite a few owls. The entrance fee is 890 yen which includes one drink and in the cafe you can freely take pictures of the owls.

Owl Cafe in Tokyo Asakusa

The staff instructs you to disinfect your hands and when you touch the owl, to touch it with the back of your hand from the top of the head to the back slowly.  There are also owls in the store which should not be touched so please pay attention. Some of these animals are delicate so you have to follow the rules strictly.

Owl Cafe in Tokyo Asakusa

Within the store there are various owls ranging from big to small. This little owls name is Mori Mori-chan.


He came to hang out so I was able to take some beautiful pictures.

Owl Cafe in Tokyo Asakusa

Owls are nocturnal so all three of these little guys were fast asleep in a line.

Owl Cafe in Tokyo Asakusa

As soon as you enter the cafe you can see an owl that looks like the same type from the Harry Potter movies.

Owl Cafe in Tokyo Asakusa

Having grown up with many animals other than owls, I was able to experience something new that wasn’t within my norm. In Asakusa there are many sight seeing spots but if you take a break and come to the Mori no Mori Owl Cafe you will be able to experience something different. If you are one of those curious people who wants to touch and see owls please stop by.

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Owl Cafe “Owl no Mori” Forest of Owl

Address:1-22-3 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo

Access: 5 minute walk from Asakusa Station

12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
4:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Wednesdays)

Admission Fee: 890 yen

Phone: 03-3254-6366

Website: Owl Cafe “Owl no Mori” Forest of Owl (Japanese)


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