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Everything for 280 yen at Torikizoku! Enjoy Affordable Japanese Pub Food

Japan is full of restaurants serving delicious food. Everything on the menu at chain restaurant Torikizoku, is 280 yen. Have Japanese food without breaking the bank while on vacation.


In Japan, Torikizoku is a popular chain to have yakitori and beer at an affordable price. There are many branches all throughout Tokyo, so it’s a convenient restaurant. I went to the closest Torikizoku near my house.



Torikizoku is great for those on a budget because food and drinks all cost 280 yen. I would think you could eat quite a bit without worrying about the cost. On the menu, all of the items are pictured so it’s easy to decide what to eat. All of the ingredients come from within Japan. There are two flavors to choose from, salt or sauce. Shio means salt and tare means sauce, when going to a yakitori restaurant these is definitely a couple Japanese words to remember.


When going to an izakaya, the first thing Japanese people always order is beer and soy beans. An izakaya is a causal pub with food. If you ordered yakitori, it takes a little bit of time to cook so ordering more soy beans or a salad might be a good idea.


The first dish that arrived was chicken and shiso tempura. The sauce was a plum sauce that matched well with the tempura. The tempura wasn’t greasy and it was delicious.


The yakitori has finally arrived! As pictures above, this is chicken thigh with green onions, we ordered the sauce and the salt version. The salt version lets you enjoy the flavor of the chicken and the sweet sauce matches well with the beer. There are many other different kinds of yakitori such as, chicken meatballs, liver, chicken skin, and beef skewers plus so much more. Since everything is 280 yen, why not try a Torikizoku.


After having the yakitori and beer, Japanese people usually like to finish the meal with ramen or ochazuke. Ochazuke is hot tea poured over rice. As pictured, this is ochazuke with sour pickled plum.


The friend I came with finished his meal with ramen. Ramen and ochazuke at Torikizoku costs 280 yen. Everything at Torikizoku is 280 yen, this is definetly the restaurant to visit if you are on a budget and want to try Japanese food. There are Torikizoku restaurants all over Tokyo and the Kansai area. The next time you are in Japan, be sure to check out this cheap and delicious restaurant.

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Torikizoku Shibuya branch

Address: 34-5 Udagawacho, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

Access: 9 minute walk from Shibuya Station

Hours: 5:00 PM – 5:00 AM

Phone: 03-6416-3229

Website: Torikizoku (Japanese)


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