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Komizo Falls

Experience the Natural Beauty of Komizo Falls in Chiba

Komizo Falls in Chiba is a must visit spot for nature lovers. Located near Tokyo, this waterfall is great for that weekend getaway in Japan. Many people go early in the morning to see the sunrise.

Komizo Falls

The Kameiwa Cave and Komizo Falls in the Chiba Prefecture is a currently a couple popular spots in Japan. The beauty of the waterfall looks like a fairy tale.

Komizo Falls

Are you looking for a scenic nature spot while in Japan? If you are then be sure to visit Kameiwa Cave and Komizo Falls in Chiba. If you are an early riser then seeing the falls around sunrise is eye-opening. The morning light reflecting off the water is a great photo opportunity and memory. The best time to see the falls is in around summer because everything is lush and green.

Komizo Falls

To get to Kameiwa Cave from Tokyo, it’s two hours by car. If you depart Tokyo early in the morning, then a day trip to see the falls is possible. Some people choose to take an overnight trip because there are other activities around the falls.

Komizo Falls

The tunnel may look natural but it is actually a man-made tunnel. A long time ago, a local was determined to create a different terrain. The outstanding natural beauty of Kameiwa Cave is a definitely a must see thing when in Japan. Go off the beaten path and into Chiba to see this beautiful waterfall and cave.
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Komizo Falls

Address: 1954-17 Sasa, Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture

Access: 15 minutes by car from Kazusa-Kameyama Station
*Since there is no bus service in the morning, it is recommended to rent a car or take a taxi.

Website: Komizo Waterfall (Japanese)


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