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Tokyo Taxi Fare Change

Taxis in Tokyo Now Have Lower Fares to Attract More Customers

In Tokyo trains are considered the most convenient form of transportation. Taxis are trying to compete with low fares for short distance guests. The new fare is hoping to assist travelers and elderly people.

As of Monday January 30th, 2017 taxi fares in the 23 wards of Tokyo, Musashino, and Mitaka have been lowered prices to 410 yen from 730 yen hoping that more passengers would use taxis for shorter distances. Before taxis cost 730 yen for 2 km (1.2 miles), with the new fare it is 410 yen for 1.052 km (0.7 miles). If you plan to travel about a mile or 1.5 km then prices are cheap. If you plan to travel more than 2 miles or 3.2 km then it will cost you more than the previous rate.


Here is a simple comparison of the taxi fare before and after adjustments:

Tokyo Taxi Fare Change

This new policy is convenient for visitors with heavy luggage and elder people. If you have a heavy suitcase and take the train into town from the airport, the station could be near your hotel but its a little too far to walk. This is when the new taxi fare comes in handy. You can quickly reach your destination while on a budget.


For those who are not too familiar with kilometers, here are some examples of point A to point B and about how much it might cost.

Kamigacho Station to Tokyo Tower (553m, 410 yen)

Kudanshita Station to Yasukuni Shrine (913m, 410 yen)

Ebisu Station to Ebisu Garden Place (840m, 410 yen)

International Exhibition Station to Tokyo International Exhibition Hall (1.1km, 490 yen)

Asakusa Station to Asakusa House (1.2km, 490 yen)

Mitaka Station to Mitaka Ghibli Museum of Art (1.3km, 570 yen)

Ikebukuro Station to Ikebukuro Sun City Aquarium (1.6km, 650 yen)


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