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Sakura Coke

The 2017 Sakura Coca-Cola Limited Time Bottle!

With cherry blossom season right around the corner, the Coca-Cola Company is set to launch their Sakura Coke bottle for 2017! Coca-Cola is well-known for releasing a variety of limited time collectable bottles as the Sakura Coca-Cola Limited Time Bottle is the latest installment.

Cherry blossom season hasn’t yet arrived in Japan but there are already a variety of cherry blossom, Sakura, related items out for sale. In addition to the Starbucks Sakura Collection, The Coca-Cola Company is set to release their Sakura inspired collection on February 13th! These cherry blossom related products are available for a limited time so get your hands on your Sakura Coco-Cola Limited Time Bottle while you can!


Sakura Coca-Cola Limited Time Bottles

Sakura Coca-Cola
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Cherry blossoms, or Sakura, are definitely one of the important symbols of Japanese culture. Whether it’s Japanese dramas, Japanese anime, or Japanese movies, the association and image of the Sakura can be seen everywhere in Japanese culture. This year the Japanese Coca-Cola Company is set to launch its newest installment of the Sakura Coca-cola Collection on the eve of the cherry blossom season. Beautiful Sakura blossoms act as the main design which can be seen spread about elegantly across the body of the iconic Coke bottle. Although the shape of the bottle has slightly changed, the same iconic taste has not and the beautiful Sakura design makes this Sakura Coca-cola bottle worth collecting.

The Sakura Coca-cola bottle caries a capacity of 250ml total which showcases an aluminum body that keeps your Coke colder. The aluminum and glass bottle shape remain similar giving it that perfect presentation.


Coca-Cola Christmas Limited Bottle

Christmas Coca-cola Ribbon
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Coca-Cola Japan has launched similar seasonal items in the past. On November 7, 2016 Coca-Cola Japan launched the Christmas Coca-Cola limited design that includes a bow that could be tied by customers right on the front of the bottle.


Coca-Cola Olympic Limited Bottle

Gold Coca-Cola Bottle
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In anticipation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the Coca-Cola Company launched a limited time Gold Coke bottle. Compared with the Sakura Coca-Cola limited bottle, the packaging is not attractive.

Sakura Coca-Cola Limited Bottle

Sales Period: February, 13, 2017 Sales start

Website: Sakura Coca-Cola Limited Bottle(Japanese)


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