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Cute Japanese Cherry blossom Paper Sticker Tape by Bande!

Check out these really cute spring paper sticker tape rolls by Bande. You can put them on anything to add some spring feeling! If you are visiting Japan and love cute things don't miss the opportunity!

Bande Japanese Paper Sticker tape

You’ve heard of tape, but have you ever seen paper sticker tape!? This tape is not like regular tape, you can tear off specific objects or stickers and put on whatever you need to. This tape can be used for scrap booking or decorating a gift card or a notebook. What about even using them on your personal calendar or schedule book. When these practical stickers by bande became very popular online, they captured the hearts of young women all over the country.

There are many different styles to choose from, I ended up buying the strawberries as well as leaves and cherry blossoms. You are able to tear it off one piece at a time to make any design you’d like and it turned out to be a lot of fun!


Sakura Series Paper Sticker Tape

Look at these cherry blossom petals! They are so chic and elegant. I love gradually layering them to create a nice pink tone. The texture of this tape is great, it looks and feels so realistic.

If you look at the cherry blossoms on the right side you can see what the stacking effect looks like. By stacking them you are able to make them look super pink. On the left side you can see the effect after a bit of work.

Cherry blossoms are so romantic, I love putting them on everything!


Strawberry Series Paper Sticker Tape

In addition to the cherry blossom style, we have the strawberry tape is super cute! This style also comes with leaves for you to create a nice effect as you can see in the picture!

The spring series of paper sticker tape by bande comes to about 200 yen each. If you are in Japan you can pick them up at one of the many Tokyu Hands. If you like to collect Japanese knicknacks and cute items you shouldn’t miss out on these!
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website: Tokyu HANDS


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