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Top Moisturizing Masks in Japan in 2017

7 Moisturizing Face Masks You Must Buy in Japan in 2017

Face masks are a popular cosmetic item in Japan, we try and explain the most useful and common ones for 2017. If you are looking for cosmetics in Japan make sure you check out these moisturizing masks.

Pore Cleansing – Rice Face Mask

Pore Cleansing - Rice Face Mask

Price: 650 yen (no tax)

This 10 pack rice face mask has a cute and controlled design. Althought the mask launched early last year, it is only now becoming extremely popular. The product is made with 100% real Japanese rice ingredients. In addition to reducing stress it can restore elasticity to the skin and tightening the pores. Because of the vitamin E and rice oil it is able to enchance the fullness of your skin, keeping it nice and soft for a long time.


Lululun Mask

(LuLuLun) ru ru Mask

Price: 1, 500 yen (no tax)

Lululun has been around for a long time, producing many different types of masks. However, this mask is one of their best and most popular. This Lululun mask uses a paste style application that is great for repairing damaged skin and helping to maintain a young looking face. Such an amazing cosmetic solution.

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Saborino Morning Mask

Saborino morning mask

Price: 32 pieces 1, 300 yen / 5 pieces 390 yen (no tax)

The Saborino morning mask is extremely popular in Japan for every day usage. It is easy to apply, you wash your face, apply and moisturize once it’s finished. This mask not only cleanses the skin fully, it also increases the water retention of the skin after using. The night mask is great but the morning mask makes your skin more flexible and it is much easier to apply makeup after.


Shise Institute SQS High Permeation Moisturizing Mask

Shise Institute SQS High Permeation Moisturizing Mask

Price: 650 yen (no tax)

The Shise Institute SQS High Permeation Moisturizing Mask is five minutes of concentrated repair and cleansing. This mask, in addition to protecting and cleaning the pores contains many ingredients to give you a full range of healthy supplements for the skin such as collagen, acids and extracts. The mask also helps reduce the visibility of aging skin, give you a fresh look.


Mebika Mimi Mask

Mebika Mimi Mask

Price: 580 yen (no tax)

The Mebika Mimi Mask is a moisturizing, non-mineral oil, fragrance, coloring agent mask. It contains eight kinds of rice ingredients and nine kinds and Han plant extracts. This mask enhances the skin’s moisture retention, keeping the skin beautiful throughout the day as well as providing the skin with sufficient moisturization.


White Mask – Transparent white mask

White Mask - Transparent white mask

Price: 648 yen (no tax)

White Mask’s transparent white 10 pack of masks are amazing for the skin. Ingredients include soymilk and other healthy, moisturizing ingredients for the skin. As soon as you apply the mask you’ll feel it restoring your skin to its natural beauty, bringing a light softness to your skin.


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