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Starbucks Japan’s New Citrus Mango Drink Series

Starbucks Japan’s New Citrus Mango Drink Series!

Arriving on March 15th, Starbucks Japan's new Mango and Citrus tea flavored drinks are sure to cool you down and let you know spring is here. Make sure you pick one up on your way to see the cherry blossoms!

When the cherry blossom season begins, weather starts to pick up and the warm sunshine welcomes us outside; Starbucks Japan will introduce a couple of tasty new drinks! Beginning March 15th until April 12th 2017 the limited addition Sunshine Citrus Mango Tea and Sunshine Citrus Mango Star Frappuccino will be available to keep you cool during the warm weather!

Sunshine Citrus Mango Tea & Sunshine Citrus Mango Star Ice

Starbucks Japan’s New Citrus Mango Drink Series
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The launch of these new flavors are warmly welcomed with spring on its way, you’ll be able to smell the sweet citrus and feel the warm spring sun during the cherry blossom season!

Sunshine Citrus Mango Tea

This drink is a mix of fragrant fruit and a spring style tea. The sweet smell of the red currant tea is a nice base and the sour citrus and mango flavors enhance the drink overall. This tea will contain a low acidity and a strong sweet taste as well as a nice citrus fragrance. It is recommended that you add a little coconut milk so that the taste of the drink is more light and harmonious.

Sunshine Mango Star Frappuccino

The Sunshine Mango Star frappuccino is made with black tea, milk and a little citrus, mango and coconut milk seasoning. Additionally sprinkled on the frappuccino are baked coconut chips. This frappuccino has the sweet smell of citrus and mango with the mild taste of coconut milk. The inclusion of baked coconut chips will really let you know that spring is finally here!

Sunshine Citrus Mango Tea

Small cup 430 yen, Medium cup 470 yen, Large cup 510 yen and Extra Large cup 550 yen
* Tax not included.

Sunshine Citrus Mango Star Ice Star

This drink is 570 yen and comes in a medium size.
* Tax not included.

Sale period: March 15, 2017 to April 12, 2017

Sold by: Most Starbucks Japan locations.


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