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The Incredibly Unique Ginza Six Department Store

Newly Opened Unique Ginza Six Department Store in Tokyo

The Ginza shopping district's newly opened Ginza Six department store brings a new wave of design oriented architecture, fashion and shopping to Tokyo. Make sure you check it out!

Ginza has always been a great place for shopping and in recent years it has brought in a surge of young people to the area by introducing designer and brand goods from around the world. On April 20th of this year, Ginza Six had its grand opening in Ginza, Tokyo, right off the main street. Ginza Six houses over 200 outlet shops within its immense walls. The department store also introduces some of the first flagship stores and popups for famous international brands in Japan. Within the building you’ll also find restaurants and art exhibitions. Ginza Six hopes to bring more of the younger crowd to the area interested in high end fashion and luxury brands and keep them there.

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Ginza Six Department Store

Ginza Six Department Store

Located in Ginza’s center, on the most popular shopping street in the city, Ginza Six is in an incredibly convenient location. Right next to East Ginza Station. Ginza Six is currently the largest shopping mall in the area with 13 floors and 241 shops, housing popular brands like Y-3 and Diesel. With a wide array of shopping to chose from, this mall puts many others in Tokyo to shame.

ginza six

This is a huge, vast and rich department store that is quite easy to become lost in. In Ginza Six you’ll find that each floor is dedicated to a certain facet of the shopping experience, from gourmet food and art to clothing and jewelry. The building’s design is unlike any other department store in Tokyo and perhaps the world.


First Floor Shopping

Kusama Yayoi’s Red Dot Pumpkins

Ginza Six Department Store Kusama Yayoi's Red Dot Pumpkins

Ginza Six’s first floor is absolutely massive and not only will you be greeted by their jingle, you’ll be able to see Kusama Yayoi’s amazing piece of Polka Dotted Pumpkin art which has caused quite a stir locally. There are fourteen giant-sized pumpkins hanging from the department store ceiling painted with bright red dots. This art piece gives a really welcoming atmosphere to the location and you can feel the friendliness of it as you enter.

Ginza Six Department Store Kusama Yayoi's Red Dot Pumpkins

If you look under each pumpkin you’ll see a depiction of Yayoi laying on some grass as if you are looking down from above. It is very interesting to see and if you are a fan of Yayoi Kusama, you should visit Ginza Six even if it is just for the artwork. The installation will be up until February 25th in 2018, so now is the time to check it out.

The Service Center

Additionally, the first floor contains the service center. Here you can get your tax rebates as a tourist or send things back through the mail. The staff here can speak English and there is also Chinese assistance available if you need help. Nearby the service center is the Ginza Bus terminal and a really unique Lawsons Convenience store. You can grab a drink and take a tour of the town at the same time.


The B2 Food Square

Ginza Six Department Store The B2 Food Square Tsuji Green Tea Shop from Kyoto

On the second basement floor you’ll find the Tsuji Green Tea Shop from Kyoto and their flagship Tokyo store! At the Tsuji Green Tea Store, you’ll be able to find limited time items like Green Tea Ice Cream and Special, highly concentrated green tea. This is a popular store for local customers looking for special green tea flavors and treats.

Ginza Six Department Store The B2 Food Square Viennoiserie JEAN FRANÇOIS

Bakery Viennoiserie Jean Fancois is an extremely popular bakery, located on the B2 floor as well. When the bakery opened there was an insanely long line to grab a bite to eat here. They have a wide variety of breads and European baked goods to purchase.

Ginza Six’s Village Health offers up aged vinegar, with some types aged to over 300 years! While vinegar may not be on everyone’s shopping list, take a look at this photo and tell me you wouldn’t want to check it out.

One of the coolest shops on the food square floor is 10 Factory which sells an absurd amount of orange juice. Originally from Ehime this Mandarin Orange specialist sells orange juice here in Ginza Six as well. Not only do the offer some juice, they sell dried fruits, jams, baked goods and other Mandarin Orange products as well.

Floors B1 to 5F Major Boutiques and Brand Goods

Ginza Six department store’s B1 to 5th floor is packed full of major brands and boutique goods, from beauty products, clothing and accessories to everyday essentials. Each store is heavily designed to be a welcoming and refreshing experience. Every store here, whether they are from Japan, the United States or Europe has their own personal style.

This high end clothing brand has a strong European style, this shop carries a unique atmosphere much like the others on the floor.

This shop sells leather goods. Their store has a strange design, but it looks fun!

Well known camera brand Leica has set up shop in Ginza Six as well. Along with their store they have a photography gallery for visitors to check out while shopping.

Sports brand Adidas has one of their most unique stores in Ginza Six. Within they have a 3d Printer that is able to print a number of different items, enticing tourists to visit the store.

#0107 Plaza is has one of the most beautiful storefronts in the building, surrounded by flowers. #0107 sells items like groceries and appliances among many others.

David Myers, an internationally renowned chef also operates a cafe and coffee shop called 72 Degrees Juicery and Cafe within the Ginza Six. In the Tokyo flagship shop you’ll find many Ginza limited edition products.


The 6F House Bookstore and Ginza Grand

House Bookstore

The House Bookstore strongly maintains an artistic space for books and reading related goodies. Within you’ll find a gallery and a bookstore on the 6th floor of Ginza Six. Inside the space you’ll see the 6 meter book case display that exhibits different themes and items throughout the month. From the opening of the store until the end of May you’ll find works from Photography Master Sugimoto Hiroshi among others represented. You should check it out if you are visiting the store.

Ginza Grand Food Hall

Ginza Grand Food Hall is right next to the bookstore. This large food court houses 10 different restaurant options as well as a large center bar. Here you’ll find restaurants specializing things like barbecue and sashimi among other styles of cuisine.

Vibrant Art Gallery

In addition to the Ginza area’s swath of department stores, there is also an abundance of art galleries in the area. Ginza Six is no different and you’ll find some amazing artwork within the walls of the building. Combining art from different mediums and professions you’ll find something here for everyone to enjoy, really setting Ginza Six’s design apart from other stores.

Ginza Six has a very geometric form in its architecture, however, within its architecture are some amazing artworks to experience such as the ceiling lighting being geometric and staggered. This building really is a piece of art itself.

Rest areas within the department have hanging paintings. The furnishings such as the lamps, tables and chairs are all formed with a hexagonal shape. Along with the wool carpets, the great sense of design throughout makes the atmosphere feel very relaxed.

Check out these elevators, they look so science fiction! Ginza Six was built with a different sort of logic, combining with art and fashion to create a a place where the entirety of its brand contrasts with other department stores in Japan. Next time you to go to Ginza, make sure you check out Ginza Six.
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Address: 10-1, Ginza, Chuo Wあrd, Tokyo

2 minute walk from Ginza Stations A3 Exit
3 minute walk from East Ginza Stations A1 Exit
8 minute walk from Ginza-Chome Station

Department Store 10:30 am to 8:30 pm
Food Plaza 11:00 am to 11:30 pm
* Some stores are different

Phone: 03-6891-3390

Website: Ginza Six


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