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autumn leaves forecast

2017 Japanese Autumn Leaves Forecast!

Japanese Autumn Leaves are a Japanese natural wonder that is not to be missed! From Hokkaido to Kanto, Kansai and all the way down to Kyushu, those planning to visit Japan in the fall season will not want to miss the Japanese Autumn Leaves

In addition to Japan’s world famous Sakura Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Autumn Leaves is a Japanese natural wonder that is not to be missed! As Summer turns to Autumn, the green leaves from Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Osaka, Kyoto and all the way down to the Kyushu area give way to a beautiful natural shade of red that dyes the mountainside. For those planning to visit Japan in the fall season, the Japanese Autumn Leaves are undoubtably unforgettable in beauty!

Although fall brings along amazing red landscapes of Japanese Autumn Leaves, not all regions of Japan take to this transformation at the same time. How can you know where to go and when to see this natural beauty? Here is a provisional forecast of the Japanese Autumn Leaves across the country from the Hokkaido, Kanto, Kansai and Kyushu regions!

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autumn leaves forecast

Depending on the region, Japanese Autumn Leaves tend to transform the landscape during the months of October and December with the Japanese Autumn Leaves in Hokkaido slightly delayed compared to last year. According to the information provided by Japan Meteorological Co., Ltd., the 2017 forecast of Japanese Autumn Leaves are predicted as follows: Hokkaido in late September, northeastern region in early October, Kanto region in late October, Kansai region in late October, and finally the Kyushu region in mid-November.

Major Cities
Reigon Forecast
Hokkaido Mid-September – Late October
Tohoku Early – Late October
Kanto Mid October – Late November
Chubu (Mt.Fuji) Mid October – Mid November
Kansai Early November – Late November
Kyushu Early November – Mid November


Hokkaido Region
Region Forecast
Asahi-Dake September 17th
Akan Onsen  October 14th
Jozankei Onsen October 14th
Onuma National Park October 24th
Hakodate Park November 2nd


Tohoku Region
Region Forecast
Lake Towada October 21st
Morioka Castle Park October 28th
Genbikei October 28th
Mt. Zao October 5th
Lake Tazawa October 20th


Kanto Region
Region Forecast
Nikko October 20th
Ueno Park November 27th
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu November 30th
Mt.Takao  November 14th
Tsukinoishimomiji Park November 14th


Chubu Region
Region Forecast
Kamikochi  October 15th
Kiyotsu Gorge October 27th
Kurobe Gorge October 27th
Shirakawago October 25th
Korankei November 17th
Kenroku-en November 16th
Akame 48 Falls November 10th


Kansai Region
Region Forecast
Sanzen-in November 11th
Arashiyama November 20th
Nara Park November 15th
Mount Yoshino November 10th
Osaka Castle Park November 16th
Mount Koya October 31st
Kinosaki Onsen November 18th


Kyushu Region
Region Forecast
Kyusuikei Onsen November 2nd
Takachiho Gorge November 15th
Kanzaki November 15th
Unzen October 29th
Kirishima October 31st
Gokanosho November 2nd


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